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  •    Great Master Peng kai zhu'synopsis

       Peng kaizu, male, born in 1965, Chongqing native, graduated from Sichuan University. Followed grandpa at the age of 4 ,could recite JiaZi from memory at the age of 8 and conclude good or ill luck at the age of 12.In nearly 20 years,had calulated one thousand of examples,Not a mistaken,over 95% degree of accuracy. Now have been written into << A person of ability library in contemporary China>> 、<< a large dictionary on chinese experts >>、<< world-famous person >>.

    Great Master Peng kaizu's thinking

       Pengkaizu think,Materialism is a source of destiny subject means its basic essential factor is substance,but essential factor for substances affect each other.Metal、wood 、water、fire、earth the five elements discovered in ancient times by our ancestry are living substance,and their growing and restraining each other is the nature's basic truth and inherent motion. Birth time of a person itself hold in store something,it seems to be by accident,in fact is the necessity of destiny.We say that destiny subject is the truth,this is for forecast result to destiny experiences practice test.

       Our service

       There you can raise your Zhou Yi related questions for discussion, or ask for simple interpretation of your own Eight Words. Great Master Wen Shen will serve with a simple and relatively satisfied answer to your request without any charges. However, if you expect a more detailed interpretation, please enter into the Forest Service page and follow the instructions and submit your request.
       You may express an opinion to ZhouYi and destiny-truth,and join in the discussion of others.We provide stock forecast service, at regular issuing stock forecast results, so that help numerous shareholders to get rich.
    If you have good works, you may contribute to our site by email. If your works haven't been published for a month at this site ,please do it yourself.

       Keeping in contact with Great Master

       If you have some requests or questions, send a email to Great master, mustn't write to him, so that delay.Email: 732868512@qq.com.tel:+8613618258998

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